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What's the policy on cross-franchise art?

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I have a lot of Invader Zim/DST crossover fanart, and I'm wondering about the policy on that.

ideally I'd like to hear input from either a dev or a senior member.

if I'm confused, you other new folk are as well, okay?

I want a concise answer from someone who knows exactly what the rules are, please. 

if you answer and aren't a senior member, I will straight-up disregard your answer unless it is backed up by a senior member 

I have a lot of crossover art and I wanna know

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I mean it's fanart, there's no problem with imagine characters from one piece of media interact with characters from another, it's not like theres copyright of any kind for that.

Obviously the rules state that must not be innapropiate so things like suggestive or fetishist art, gore or hateful views on real people are not allowed.

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