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The power combo I dreamed of since I equipped Floracrane armor.

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I was so happy when I got both of these, one after the other. It's a wonderful sight, the little green numbers popping up in line... Glorious.

It's been a great playtest, and I hope early access comes soon. I really love this game already and I can tell it's gonna be a hit with my friends.

And if there's ever any hope for merch... a Mothball plushie. That's all I need.

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51 minutes ago, Mortekouy said:

you need the power which heals you each time you hit (you lose 50% of hp) and the combo is done ^^

Bloodthirsty is cool, but I don't get crits out of it :)

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It's neat how everyone has their different preference for their playstyles. I like the summons and shields more than anything. I had a beautiful life sustaining combo that I hadn't even thought of when I was playing a new character today. Where I had Mulligan, Waffle, and Bloodthirsty. 


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