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A few early-stage radiation tweaks.

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I know it's been a year and a half since Spaced Out! released, but I think a few minor tweaks could go a long way towards improving early stagesĀ  of radiation production.

  • Adding an automation port to the manual radbolt generator would be a huge QOL improvement.
  • Allowing us to rotate radiation lamps to any orientation would open the door for more efficient or aesthetically pleasing builds.
  • Giving us the option to use refined uranium in radiation lamps would encourage use of the uranium centrifuge or cultivation of beetas even when eschewing research reactors.
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I would totally really love improvement to the radiation lamp. I think it exists as an important tool to allow the player to grow mutated crops in an orderly manner after they're cultivated enough of them, but 10kg/cycle of uranium ore is a very hefty sum, most galaxies only have a few sources of space asteroid uranium ore, and very far out.

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