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Not sure if anyone actually read those suggestions but it is worth trying.

Wortox could teleport using statues and while riding beefalo.

Anyway, I am suggesting thus because I think it is consistent with the character, he can teleport even with living beings in his inventory (spiders, butterflies, rabbits), so a beefalo shouldnt be a problem, maybe make wortox unable to use "soul echo" while riding, because soul echo makes him able to teleport 40 times, if he is unable to use soul echo whule riding a beefalo, then he is spending double the souls.

About teleporting using statues, wortox has no apparent problems teleporting with a full inventory nor equipped items.

He actually can already teleport with statues, it just needs the code, animations are not necessary.

But with beefalos I think animations will be necessary.

This is my suggestion, I hope it were constructive.

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I mean, the idea here is that carrying the statues is boring so teleporting with the around would make it less tedious

but if you could teleport with the statues, then why would you need to teleport with the statues while you're on a beefalo?

I mean, the whole point of a beefalo is to be fast after you tame it, so why would you want to teleport around on a beefalo?

logically, it does make sense for him to be able to teleport with statues, but definitely not while riding on beefalo. by that logic, why doesn't he just give all his constant survivor buddies piggybacks and just teleport them around everywhere? (because it's nonsensical)

but I see your suggestion. it sounds pretty tame and wouldn't hurt anyone so why not

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