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We don't get enough rift crystals from the Lunar Rifts

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Getting the rift crystals via the Lunar Rift isn't a fun experience.

It requires the player to constantly check up on a rift about every day and if you start at tier 3, it's barely enough for yourself, let alone a server full of people that want to regularly use the gear.

Starting to farm the rift crystals from stage 2 is even less fun as that means you have to dedicate more of your time constantly checking the rift for crystals (even with an Ocuvigil setup).

Increasing the amount of rift crystals you can acquire would be greatly appreciated.


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i LOVE gathering Pure Horror, It's interactive and fun, and the Fused Shadelings spawn sooo frequently that after a couple of rifts I already have a couple of stacks. Now the lunar counterpart is just tedious and you don't even get much... I like shadow rifts more for now

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