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Old Uni Drawings of Characters (Wiktor, Wren, Wallow)

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Thought I'd posted these, can't see them may have done under some other name, but thought I'd just pop them out there as I've just got them sitting on my PC for no reason.

Wiktor Van Hide, I see we had Warbucks briefly which was quite similar (been like a decade since I drew this), I'd resuggest it; my concept was he would refuse to interact with pigmen and such, with a sanity drain from being near sentient animals, and a lesser drain around players.
The cursed blunderbuss would use nightmare fuel, the more fuel the more kick (to a point of diminishing returns), the flint would need replacing and acts as the weapon's durability.
(side concept: the gems in the dragons-eye/flint can be replaced with red/blue gems dealing fire/ice attacks respectively)
Voice: Military Drum


Wren, the concept here is that she has a whip which has a range to it which will cause monsters to retreat (extra damage to shadow monsters). She has a handlers-whistle that can charm dog-like creatures (they will wonder off if left unfed for long enough like pigmen to despawn), she is unafraid of monsters but seeing "cute" animals hurt, and eating them too, drains her sanity (pescatarian??).
(Any non-weapon item she holds can/is will take damage instead??)
Voice: Human Whistle 


Wallow, the concept is while moving he can ride a unicycle, but when he stops he falls (unless you unequip) dealing damage to himself, he buffs the sanity of team-mates, and the higher his sanity the more his nose glows (like a lightbulb in the dark!!). 
Voice: Cello 

All the best!

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