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Is the Bandi Basher worse than the Ocular Gavel damage wise?

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I've been doing some tests and it just seems like the 16% bonus focus damage the Ocular Gavel gives outscales any gem combination with the Bandi Basher.

Is there something I'm doing incorrectly or is the main pro of the Bandi Basher supposed to be you trade damage for an extra gem slot + the parry ability?

This isn't even considering the skill spam the Ocular Gavel can do. 

Speaking of damage, I'm wearing the yammo helm, floracane coat and my Ocular Gavel has two crit gems in them. Is this build the maximum damage you can achieve with the hammer?

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The Bandicoot line of weapons does feel inferior to the Mother Treek line of weapons in the current playtest.

But, this is likely because the Parry skill is incomplete (or just a placeholder) for the Bandikoot weapons.  

{ power_on_equip = "parry", }, --TODO: bandicoot skill

I'd assume the Bandikoot skill will be on par if not better than the Mother Treek skill once it's completed.

Right now, the Parry skill is really only useful if you pair it with an upgraded Retaliation power (up to 1500 return damage on parry).  


EDIT:  Speaking of Parry, I like the easter egg they have for it.  It's referenced as "moment37" in the code.  A call back to the 15 consecutive frame perfect (one tenth of a second) parries on Chun Li's super during the SF3 finals match of EVO 2004: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Evo_Moment_37.

moment37 =
	-- Parry
	name = "Umehara", -- Reference to Daigo Umehara, from EVO Moment #37, famous fighting game parry
	desc = "When you <#RED>Parry</>, gain <#RED>100% Critical Chance</> for an extra <#RED>{time}</> seconds.",

The skill even goes as far as to have tuning to match the duration of the original Moment 37 parry:

tuning =
	[Power.Rarity.EPIC] = { time = 5 }, -- Tuned to be the length of the EVO Moment 37 parry, not including the kill combo
	[Power.Rarity.LEGENDARY] = { time = 9 }, -- Include the kill combo.

So, there's at least one Rotwood dev that's a Street Fighter fan.

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