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Skewed asteroid idea

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I was staring at the map and stared Rorschaching (new verb there!) a Klei logo. I was inspired to build a Klei shaped base. The big overlay is a bit more work that I can pull off. How does the small overlay look? Any suggestions? Should I build my base in the letters, or in the space between? Any other crazy ideas?

overlay big.png

overlay small.png

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Update: Making slow but steady progress. Have a pacu farm reaching maturity; petroleum boiler feeding generators, and plastic production.

Next step: Move the base. Dupes are still living in their starter base. I think I will relocate between the letters to "fill in" the space there. Perhaps live between L and e.

Future work: I need to build an industrial sauna around those gold volcanoes. Any tips for entering that area?


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3 hours ago, fullerfamily said:

Any tips for entering that area?

Maybe don't do it like I did. I flooded it with polluted water, but the temperature there is so high it cooked all my slime and algae around it into dirt. I think an airlock is in order first, and then you can get water inside to prime the area with steam, but some way of cooling it all down so the steam engines aren't overheated once you lock the volcanoes up is necessary. Thankfully there's a lot of ice on this map

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Got distracted taking care of some volcanos. Finally finished the letters. It was hard to do with zero slimelung outbreaks. 

I will probably do some cleanup next. Maybe sort all those fluids and gasses out.


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