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Repost: "Reduce the area required to place the Cawnival Statuette (and other decorations)"

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While we're at it, could we change the collision rules for the game so that you don't have to place things in a different order? It's infuritating having to remove walls any time you want to place plantsor other decorations near them I understand the main goal here is to prevent glitchy bhehaviour with objects of the same type being too close to one another, but surely the placement check can consider stuff like walls differently? I feel like it shouldn't be that hard to come up with a system where no matter what order objects are placed in, the collision rules are consistent.

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I can't believe it was two years ago... Because of this annoyance, I've pretty much given up on using these decorations in my base, as I tend to get them late in the game, after the base has been built.

I think the whole "need for space" thing has now become a lie that developers are lying to themselves. We all know how pervasive it is to build buildings close enough to block mob, this mechanic ultimately only bothers people who want to make their base look better. Why not just remove it? To help new players learn "how to block mobs properly" which a necessary, basic and common skill, and more friendly to base builders. lol


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