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Some counter intuitive controls, but over all a good fun to play game

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Here are my oppinions after playing for a few hours.

So I have played the combat test for some hours by now beaten the first boss twice with a hammer and decided to swap to the new cannon weapontype.

Tested out the spear a few times at the start but it wasn't my playstyle.

Now i have a muscle memorie of  pressing space in a direction without rots as a oh **** reaction, but with the cannon, you just slam down your cannon and root yourself for a few seconds with it... so its oh **** -> lets just root ourself to die...


i find it an interesting design choice to "fuse" the heavy attack and the dodge button but please put it on the dodge button instead.

alternative make the heavy attack the slam down of your weapon onto the ground with damage in a small area and the dodge as the discharge dodge it is now.

The fusion of heavy attack and dodge has a few interesting consequences gamplaywise since you trigger so many abilities with one or the other, the alternative would ruin that so I dont know how viable it is.


Thats the reason I stopped playing for the moment to basically reset everything and start again, to learn the controls from scratch again and have some time now to write down my initial thoughts. And I will have to relearn it again when eventually switching to the spear -.-'


On to other thoughts:

Over all the melee controls feel good just the harsh swap to ranged controls felt bad.

The focus hit mechanic felt great. just malling down on groups of enemies and getting rewarded for them herding to you is fun.

The spear is a bit finicky to hit the sweet spot, just my oppinion so it's fine.

All the cannon animations are funny, but like i said the dodge tuns into a root was a bit confusing.

The 1% crit chance felt too low in the beginning but there are more than enough skills to increase so its fine.

Most of the alternative active skills (on shift) seem a bit niche at least in the first zone (the totem seemed to have the most synergies)

The -10 damage taken food seems to be the only viable food option for now.

The +1% damage stacks should not be lost if you have a shield (without the help of the -10 damage lunch)

Bombs still eating projectiles after they have been destroyed/activated is a bit strange and probably not intended to work that way with the skill that generates projectiles when you destroy objects



This isn't a full review of all the content available and as I said is just me writing down my thoughts as some feedback.

And I will probably edit this or add to this thread after I have played some more.


The Forge 3.0 is quite fun so I can't wait to get my hands on the full game.

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