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Bandiball doesn't feel like an upgrade

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I'm less confident in giving good feedback here as I don't understand the inns of this game yet, but from what I can gather the bandiball doesn't feel like much of an upgrade as a weapon when compared to the Mother Treek's Conker which you can get earlier.

The Bandiball doesn't have the focus damage multiplier the Conker has, while giving a very very slight movement speed bonus and replacing the skill with a parry. The roots ability the conker has however is very strong and effective against the crowds of enemies, which makes bandiball with only it's parry feel a little weak when it should be the next upgrade to the Conker.


The strength of the conker shown in the video above ^

Perhaps the Bandiball could have an added bonus of having a way/scenario to clone/duplicate the balls just like how the Bandikoot is able to duplicate? Could make for a very fun weapon and strength!

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