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Become immortal with the power of friendship

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Alright so this might hint toward a sort of "revive" system for multiplayer purposes but something so cursed just happened to me I had to share.

I was against the first boss trying some different frenzy levels and I got kicked pretty hard, but somehow the fight was still going after getting KO, I think it was due to a remaining follower I had with the Enchantée power... it was still fighting then killed itself on a bomb (it tried at least). :dejection:


At this point my character responded again to controls while at 0HP, I could move and attack, but that's pretty much it (couldn't pause to quit), and the game slowed down considerably (probably as there's a slow motion when you die), the boss was not taking ANY damage so there was no way to kill her, but she could still attack and "kill me", but my deaths were only greatly exaggerated and I could still rise at the cost of slowing the game even more every times !

So yeah that seems like a pretty op strat you might want to try out, I think it would be legit to ask for a fix tho... :distant:

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