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Unable to bind keys to some keys

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Unable to bind keys to mouse side buttons, scroll wheel, shift, alt, maybe more

I wanted to remove the skill from shift and bind the dodge to shift but found that it couldn't successfully bind, so I tried to reset the skill back to shift but it didn't work either.

I also hope there is a return to default option to return these settings that have been disrupted to their original positions

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Hello, @Francis2000 thank you for reporting. Could you please post this in the Klei Bug Tracker instead? Along with any log files and screenshots you can share. That way it'll be easier for the devs to keep track of issues with the game. ► Rotwood - Playtest - Klei Bug Tracker - Klei Entertainment Forums

  • Click Add Bug top right
  • Add Details
  • Add log files (if any)
  • In Steps to Reproduce, explain what you were doing right before it crashed

Since the Bug Tracker is a unique system from the forums section, you would have to resubmit this as a bug report instead. Thank you for reporting, cheers!

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