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Give Pudgy Beefalo cold insulation and allow it + sanity regen to persist for x minutes after dismounting. And special poop with G.Goop nutrient profile.

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Pudgy beefalo is a really fun idea i think but its too underwhelming currently which is a pity. 

Thats why im suggesting giving it insulation against the cold while ridden and allow this insulation and the sanity regen to persist for x minutes after dismounting. Call it a “cuddle” buff. 

Additionally i think it would be neat if the Pudgy beefalo had unique poop since its so well-fed. 
Make it drop special poop with 1 arrow in every nutrient like G.Goop while the beef’s hunger is above x. 

Goop nutrient profile combined with the frequency of beefalo droppings sounds really interesting for farmers. 

OR just 2 arrows of Growth Formula and nothing else would also be really useful.

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