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Change Tree Jam to use Compost instead of Glommer's Gloop in its crafting recipe

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As I've explored the ocean and played through its content in my late-game world, I've found growing my own figs from knobbly trees my most enjoyable ocean experience. However when I attempted to grow figs in an early-mid game world I experienced a large problem which is acquiring enough tree jam to grow my own trees. Glommer's goop is extremely scarce from early-mid game, so I thought what could be a good replacement for glommer's goop to craft tree jam, and compost seemed like the perfect alternative for glommer's goop in the long run:


(Note this will be focusing on making tree jam obtainable in early-mid game play, in order for growing figs to be more viable for more players. I understand that during the late-game many players will have large amount of glommer's goop collected at their base or could activate the moon storm in order to speed up the collection of glommer's goop)

  • The collection of a decent supply of glommer's goop takes in-game years to occur.

Unlike other materials the collection of glommer's goop is very slow, and it takes a very long time to collect enough to grow several Above-Average trees. This makes growing your own figs as a much weaker alternative to other food sources, for as you can easily grow more "farms" with the materials produced from these farms. (more pig houses, more pigskin, more pig houses), however even with a large amount of above-average trees, you can not speed up the production of glommer's goop, meaning that you will make new above-average trees at the same rate as you made your first one, which makes growing them quite annoying.

Having Compost be in the tree jam recipe instead of glommer's goop would allow for Above-Average trees to be created at the rate the player would like them to be, and not have the creation of new above-average trees to be bottle necked by glommer's goop.

  • Glommer's goop is more useful in other recipes

When Tree Jam was initially brought to the game, it was the only item that glommer's goop would be used repeatedly to craft. However when the hostile flare was introduced, the primary use for glommer's goop changed. Hostile flares are extremely useful for getting everyone an eyebrella, that its hard to see anyone conserve their glommer's goop for tree jam. 

There will be no way for glommer's goop to compete with being used for tree jam than hostile flares, so having compost be the new ingredient will make tree jam be crafted non-competitivly with hostile flares.

  • It will let players be able to craft boat repair kits at sea

This is probably my favorite reason to make this change, for at the moment while at sea it is impossible to make a boat repair kit item (Trusty Tape is char-specific). If players built or prototyped a compost bin they could use the available resources to make tree jam, which acts a boat repair item.

  • The Water-logged Biome provides a lot of materials to create compost with (Thank you Badarokey)

As you go to collect your figs and knobbly nuts to make more above-average trees, you will often forage for bull kelp and collecy cut grass/twigs from knocking into the Great Tree Trunk. These are the perfect wet and dry materials to make the compost needed in the Water-logged biome itself, and it allows you to be more efficient by collecting both tree jam and knobbly nuts in one trip to the Water-logged biome.

  • Compost Bins have kind of been forgotten...

I have never seen anyone interact with compost bins outside of niche use cases after RWY, with this change it could breath some life into them.

  • Tree Jam has a high compost nutrient count, compost has a high compost nutrient count, they were made for each other

This was my logic for this change making sense, since Tree Jam and Compost have high compost nutrient it makes sense why compost would be in its recipe rather than glommer's goop, neat!

TL:DR: Compost would be more fit for a crafting component in Tree Jam, for it would remove the limited availability of glommer's goop, and make compost/compost bins considered more in game, helping Fig farms become more viable early-mid game.

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The only time i used the compost bin was to complete the plant registry... u kinda have a really good argument, and being dependant on glommer's gloop is kinda frustating if didn't happend to have them stocked...

Even tho you can take the gloop with your sea adventures, having the compost is just a structure plus grass and twigs are always available around those areas and is rather  kinda more logical to have it made by other than gloop, a flying innocet creature that never leaves its side...

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5 hours ago, Badarokey said:

having the compost is just a structure plus grass and twigs are always available around those areas and is rather  kinda more logical to have it made by other than gloop

Ahhh, thank you that's a really good point. I totally forgot the Waterlogged biome is always filled with twigs and grass from colliding with the trees, perfect for making compost.

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