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So is Griftlands considered over for good? + a few other questions


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I'm mostly asking after I saw the trailer for Dreadpilots- I was convinced at the start this is going to be an attempt on doing the game Griftlands was supposed to be before it was turned into a deck builder. It doesn't look like it though, but seems pretty similar style wise, being also set in space, etc. At the same time, the Griftlands community has been wondering if there could be some official statement from the devs regarding the state of the game- we loved it after all. The most recent news was the Sal soft spot, which is the Best and I adore her. Sal also appears in some promo art but ultimately there's no news on the game itself. I think some "We consider the game to be completed and don't plan on more updates/DLC" would be nice to hear, though I know Klei likes their "can't promise anything" attitude, and I like it too (thank you for the QoL and bugfixes for DS!!!). Dreadpilots looks nice so far!

Rotwood playtest- I'm not sure if everyone will be accepted for a playtest, so I'm trying not to get my hopes up, but if you get accepted, is there some feedback collecting measure at the end? Is the gameplay recorded, if not, would recording it/streaming it be useful and something the devs would like to be sent?

Some forums still show up wrong, especially on mobile. Hot Lava forums definitely, and some others too (suggestions and feedback for some game forums iirc).

I don't know if that's an acceptable thing to ask, considering company secrets and all, but if we could one day get a video on how you design your plushies that would honestly be so amazing. They're very on model with the games and I can only imagine how much work goes into making one, so behind the scenes would be fascinating.

I think that's enough, sorry to bother and have a great day!

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