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Going in and out the caves is a pain

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Hi, I long time player here on PS4 my wife and I have been playing this game since 2018 and some years ago going to the caves wasn't really bad.


Now whenever someone goes up or down the game just takes A LOT to load, and after that it is basically a good 5 to 10 seconds where the frame freezes where any mob (bats almost always) gets a free hit to any of us, also if the other is in any kind of bad situation then that's probably a death for sure.


We are getting really mad about that, the game was really smooth some years ago but this problem has been a big one for quite some time I was hoping with some updates it went away but that hasn't been the case, and this basically the game we play the most together so you might understand our pain.


It is going to be like that forever now?

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I understand your pain. I played with a PS4 (the fat old one) split screen. Going in and out of the caves became a death sentence unless we coordinated it well ahead of time. In addition to this, the game was just overall more laggy. It was borderline unplayable. As time went on, I found that other games took forever to load and were sort of laggy. I don't know if the PS4 was dying or of system updates from Sony were affecting it somehow, but it wasn't just DST for me. 

Got a PS5, it fixed everything... almost. The game is smooth, the loading times in and out of the caves is only a fraction of what it used to be. There is still, however, a small freeze going in and out of the caves but it went from about 10 seconds for me, to less than a second. Getting a PS5 fixed everything for me, even with other games. 

If you can find the spare $ to shell out for a PS5, I promise you that you will love the game again, especially split screen. 

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