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  1. This started happening to me also. I made a post about it a few days ago in the wrong section of the forums. I downloaded the new update yesterday and they still have not respawned. My world is like day 1300, and the guardian pigs have respawned just fine until recently.
  2. Hello hello! I am not sure where if I am posting this in the right place so forgive me please. I have a PS4 version of DST and before I would kill my guardian piggie and he would always come back. Now he didn’t. He turned into a werepig and stated attacking so I killed him... like I usually do. Except this time he didn’t come back. It’s been like 100 days since and he’s nowhere to be found. is there a way to get him back? I searched all over the map thinking maybe he spawned somewhere else and got stuck but he’s missing. Has anyone else experienced this? I miss my piggy and promise not to take him for granted and kill him less if he comes back. thank you in advance for your help.
  3. Did you ever figure this out? I can confirm that my world on PS4 also just had one of the suspicious marble pieces destroyed and I am in the same situation.