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How do I wash the Puft Plush?

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Our recommendation is to hand wash because:

  • Agitation in a washing machine or dryer could affect the internal mechanism
  • It will take longer to dry if the plush has been submerged as it has many layers and machine dryers with heat could damage the rubber mechanism.
  • Submerging the plush or putting it in a washing machine might cause water to enter the mechanism and be difficult to get out which could cause mold issues if any water is stuck inside; so it might still fart, but we wouldn't really want there to be a little bit of water stuck inside

Suggestion for Surface Stains:

  • Get a white cloth (white cloth helps to see if stain is coming off)
  • Dampen the cloth with warm water and dish soap and try to dab and gently rub up the dirt, and be careful not to get things too wet.
  • After hand washing the stain away, fluff up the fur with a clean damp cloth and until you have wiped away any remaining soap residue and allow to air dry.

To remove odor / smell (not visible dirt):

  • Put the stuffed animal in a sealable plastic bag with a cup of baking soda.
  • Shake the bag for about 20 seconds and let it sit outside in the sun or inside by a window.
  • Remove the plush toy, vacuum it, and voila— this removes most all odors.
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