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Alternative to skill tree

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4 hours ago, Trevindo said:

Nightmare route: New Moon Fish.
Wurt acquires the knowledge of a fish, which appears at new moon (only near Wurt) in deep regions to keep hidden from light. It can be exchanged with the merm king for new items that are used to manufacture shadow items.

I was trying to create a moon fish

Без названия52_20230609234912.png

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I think not as a skill tree mechanic but  as a down side  Webber should lose sanity when spiders die in a certain  vicinity  of him at the very least befriended and plus if that makes the game to unplayable then they can make him gain sanity around decorated dens like how regular characters lose sanity around normal dens , grain sanity around alive befriended spiders like how regular characters lose around normal spiders, or both 

Possible way to get new exp is befriending all a 8 different type of spiders and maybe decorating a den for the first time and sense that’s only  9 maybe something  farming related for the other 6 after unlocking all the different types of switcher doodles you unlock the ability to befriend queens but  sense having them as a faction is unrealistically overpowered I’m thinking a merm/pig king or beefalo sort of thing and maybe the the beard thing but instead of food it’s spiders but I feel  they can do better then parodying Wilson and the purple stuff  surrounding the spider in the Webber  animation I think might be pure horror ether for the machine or the spider himself  so they could do something with that other then that they could embrace his farm past a have something to do with farming

I just thought of another idea for webbers potential skill tree what if they re use the baby spiders from the forge and it is the silk beard equivalent of Wilson’s beard  inventory where they full up the beard inventory and they would have the same mechanics as in the forge but instead of going to sleep when Webber dies they each could only be outside the beard for so long after that they return to the beard and nap and they’ll need to charge back up before using them again so you decide if,when,and how many you takeout at a time  and if you die or shave they just go back in to the beard pocket dimension

Also depending on what beard skin you have on will determine what they look like  they would look like tiny versions of what spiders from a den that has a queen that looks like that beards respective Webber skin and if they don’t just appear once you to grow your beard you would just apply a spider eggs item to your beard and maybe by applying a den decorating set to your beard there will be a portable range that all spiders with in it will be come bedazzled spiders  this would be useful for when you and your none webber friends are traveling though an area that is densely packed with spiders dens and if that to op maybe a smaller range the normal decorated dens and maybe give Webber the ability to wrap his beard around himself to make a Pseudo spider den Obviously lease restoration then normal/decorated dens it’s not really meant to be frequent thing just something to give that edge every once and a while

I was just thinking what if for the alinement each side has there own bars and if to bars is powerful then make each half as strong 

What if shadow and mutated switcher doodles were made like shatter switcher doodles but replace the two moon glass with two pure horror or two pure brilliance  and they would have two attacks each mirroring each other reflective of the equal and opposite thing going on the first attack is basically a reskinned shattered spider moon glass spike attack but more powerful not sure how much more powerful this is more a  proof of concept where they they produce pure horror spikes and pure brilliance spikes and the second attack is when they bite it’s a poison bite like shipwreck spider warriors but the  greenish yellow particle effect and border are ether black or white maybe black with red highlights or blue with white highlights  depending on whether there shadow or lunar alined and each spider is more powerful against   Mods of opposite alignment and suffer less damage from those of the same alignment What if for Webber it just mutation instead of trans mutation or maybe spider mutations 

mom still working on this:

shadow aligned: shadow widower

lunar aligned: lunar araneae

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