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[Suggestion] New Item, Shadow Trap and Shadow Brush

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They are tools.

1. Shadow trap = bug net + trap + bird trap + catching moleworms. Shadow trap can be thrown at critters to capture them, similar to how seedshell works, which stuns critters that can be picked up. No need to wait for birds to land on bird traps, or scare rabbits into traps, or chasing butterflies, just throw at them and they are ready to be picked up. 30 or 100 uses.

2. Shadow brush = pencil of infinite use, or maybe 100 uses? Idk. Probably need better name too.


Lunar side has many tools, I feel shadow side needs tools that can reflect shadow nature such as catching critters.

not sure if shadow trap should be aoe, for catching multiple frogs or spiders or bees.

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