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In support of the 2 lunar rift max.

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For those who don't know, at the start of this beta there was a max of two lunar rifts open at a time rather than one, which currently has been reverted to one with a comment saying it'll stay that way "until other side effects are fixed". In hopes that it doesn't get forgotten in this state or decided against, I wanted to give some feedback and say that double rifts were really really nice!!

So, the mechanics worked like this: the game was making rifts twice as frequently, however only one of them could create Brightshades at a time, i.e you were still getting pretty much the same amount of Brightshades but you had two rifts to visit for Ryftstrals. This was REALLY really nice as someone who uses the lunar crafts as upgrades to their early game versions, because until this point, my number of Pure Brilliance was pretty much never going up, it had stagnated at ~30 because it would go down as I used tools and then go back up to ~30 when I mined more Ryftstrals, but it was barely going above that stagnant number, even though my Brightshade husks were beginning to require more storage space than initially allocated because I just had so many. At the start of the beta, though, I steadily got to like, 50-something Pure Brilliance at one point! That's over a stack and encouraged me to craft stuff like the Brightshade Bombs that I would usually be really frugal with!

Something about lunar rifts is that the Ryftstrals spawn in clusters over the different stages of the rift, but trying to feel out exactly when that happens in-game can be a bit of a pain, and if you're slightly off in your guess then you'll either have to sit and wait for them to grow or you'll find yourself arriving right as the rift begins retracting and shattering them. So unlike Brightshades, which are thrown at you constantly and quickly taken out, the Ryftstrals require actively dropping your current task and going sometimes to the very opposite side of your map just to see if they're even ready for harvesting yet. It's an unfortunate state, and having double the rifts (and double the amount of potential Brilliance) really really helped with that.

I hope to see them return, and I hope the fact that only one will actually spawn Brightshades is enough to convince people that it'd be fine really.

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Hey-hey, ho-ho, the 1 rift limit has got to-go!

Okay but seriously, especially the shadow rift having 2 at once was very nice since the caves are so absurdly barren and massive.
Also mmmooorrreee resources is very, very good.

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If brightshades are not so annoying then yes, we should have 2 rifts. But they're quite annoying at the moment, you basically can't engage with gardening content without sacrificing some plants and clear brightshades there frequently(those things respawn really quickly I'm bored of killing them already).

There's not much point enabling the rifts after you get enough materials for some bright shade bombs(i.e. you can duplicate them using deconstruction& construction). I just turn them off after I get those materials ready for duplication.

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