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(Translated by DeepL)

I am experiencing a certain amount of lag in my game, but that in itself does not bother me. What I really want to know is if the lag in my game increases or decreases the amount of work Dupes does per cycle.


thank you.

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I've recently noticed that I'm getting full stalls on a very old map I still play on now and then (even if it's a 3700x in the PC I use). I've had to bump up the ONI process' priority to very high, but I'm on linux. Best guess for my situation is that it's a OS scheduler thing. Dupes still scuttle around as usual and just stand there stargazing every once and then. Again, the map is old, fully cleared and most of it has something happening (plants growing, critters roaming, pipes working, etc.) so it's all normal, I guess. Dupes will get stuff done and still have chances to idle.

In order for you to check if you have a problem you'd have to focus on finding dupes that do nothing and checking if they're idling. If so, then most of the time the problem is not lag but lack of tasks to do. If the dupes are not doing anything (standing still) but they are not in 'idle' state (this is seen in notifications) then something might be weird.

Controlling access to areas eventually becomes the main focus of the game in my opinion. Dupes will readily steal tasks from the other side of the map even if "enable proximity" is enabled. One of my next adjustments in play style will heavily focus on this. I already restrict access to lots of areas so as to reduce dupes' pathing...

I hope this kind of helps, but this really doesn't fall into the "yes or no" question category.

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It decreases the amount of work dupes do, for one simple reason: as the game slows down, dupes stop being able to pick a new task immediately. So after finishing a task, they go into a brief coma before picking their next task. You can see this AI lag most clearly at high speeds, where it really stalls them. Currently on cycle 1200, I have to play at the slowest speed if I want dupes to move from task to task without going slack-jawed. :) 

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