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An interesting idea for puffin

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36 minutes ago, Creatorofswamps said:

But really, they could eat prickly branches or cacti, and in the summer they would migrate from the desert to the oasis because there are no storms and there is water

In this regard, Catcoon are shown quite well, they go about their business, hunt, play. Pig people look fake all they do if they are not tamed is walk and sometimes eat.the behavior of Catcoon is more reasonable than that of intelligent pigs

That reminds me, the merm and pig war should be expanded. They very rarely see each other besides from setpieces. The only thing they do is have heads of each other on a stick. The most combat pigs and spiders get is pig vs spider.

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1 hour ago, Creatorofswamps said:

A question that accidentally came to mind that concerns birds. On the moon in a good way, there should be moon birds in the place of ordinary crows, this is much more logical and, most importantly, it looks As it should be



I agree 100%. The lunar always felt way too safe, and the normal crows living on it is really strange.

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