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Based on the new systems of the game I've been thinking about some simple changes that could go a long way for Woodie, and put him back as a versatile well rounded char -perhaps- even in the late game. Some of these are based on past suggestions but take into account the path the game is taking.

First the nerfs. I'll explain why later:

- The moose should have the base damage reduced to 34 on single hit, 34 on charge. (reduced from 59.5)
- The goose base speed modifier reduced to 1.25 (from 1.4)
- The beaver's based speed modifier reduced to 1 (from 1.1)

Now the main changes:

Woodie will now keep equipped upon transforming backpacks, but also amulets if equipped on the chest slot. Amulets will not drain durability, and continue affecting Woodie while transformed (both with the good effects and bad effects they may have)


Notable uses: Magi for adding 20%speed to the wereform, chilled amulet to prevent overheating and freeze enemies hitting you, nightmare amulet to bypass sanity structures or fight nightmares, life giving amulet to restore health, lazy forager to pick up items even when you can't access your inventory.

Woodie will Also keep equipped the hand slot item upon transforming, for various effects

This would be the most controversial, and fine balancing requiring part. The main way I see this working would be:

  • If Woodie transforms with an item equipped on hand slot that deals less damage than the base 34 damage the moose deals, or 27.2 base damage the beaver deals, the base damage will remain. (EG: he transforms holding Lucy, his base wereform damage will not be further decreased)
  • If the item he is holding deals more than the base damage, the damage of the item will take place instead (they won't add up, just the strongest damaging item takes place). EG: If Woodie transforms into the moose holding a tentacle spike (damage 51) the moose will now deal 51 damage during that transformation.
  • Items in the hand slot will not lose durability during the transformation.
  • Items held in hand will add not just the damage but also retain SOME of the special effects they have. Details in the spoilers below:

- Walking cane will add +25% speed
- Lazy explorer will add +25% speed and keep the telepoof on the right click (beaver and goose only, the moose has charge as right click) but it will consume hunger each time used. So telepoofing often will cause you to turn back to Woodie fast.
- BatBat should retain damage but will only allow you to gain 1hp per hit (to not make it too OP). it will also drain sanity just as when you use the batbat for healing, so it may have the added issue of making you insane faster.
- Holding a dark sword will give the Moose or beaver 68 base damage but it will also keep the sanity drain con, which will make you insane considerably faster.
- Holding a new planar damage weapon will retain their full damage and effects
- Holding an ice staff will deal the base 34 damage (since the ice staff deals no damage) but add freeze effects to the charge attacks.
- Holding a Torch, Willow's lighter or fire staff will set enemies on fire when charging through them. 34 base damage to hits also.
- Darts and most other staves will have no effect. Weather pain and whips will have no special effect.
- Holding Umbrellas (and the new umbralla) will cause the wereform to become waterproof.

So why the nerfs?
Because with these new added perks your wereforms can become faster and stronger as you get better gear, and when wearing both a magi and a walking cane or a lazy explorer they can be decently fast. The goose can become an efficient late game transport as well (Full speed build WX is still better).

And best of all it's self balanced since if you pick just speed for your moose holding a cane, you will have mediocre damage when you could be using, a glass sword or something even better. Or if you pick an amulet it means that you are not carrying your backpack.
Despite the Wereforms (that have an attack) being able to have an unlimited planar damage perk change, they will still have their base armor powers, so they could be vulnerable to planar damage.

As for full moons, I think Woodie should be able to stop their effects by eating mushy cakes once every 2 days, or creating a new lunar amulet. Or both. It doesn't have to be something super complicated, but also not that easy to create in the early game.

Would this make it?

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In my opinion, the BatBat nerf is unnecessary because the fast sanity drain already effectively prevents him from soloing any boss. In general, the balance looks good. Although, any character balance is unlikely to happen considering that this year will primarily focus on environmental updates.

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I think the shapeshifting theme and the chopping ax theme are not suitable.  

We need to develop him the right items for each transformation.  

Like being able to swap between unbreakable things like picks, shovels, and axes.

New item like: Beaver bag, elk armor and goose hat.

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