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Problem with ceiling light - am I missing something?

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I have had the steam version for awhile now but not much time in the game.  Recently dove in and having a blast - it's one of those "just a few more minutes" games:).  Anyway, I have just built a mess hall and laid down some farm tiles.  I'm trying to light the area for plant growth.  I have a ceiling light and floor lamp in the mess hall and ceiling lamps in nursery. All lights are powered and illuminated.  However, the lighting overlay shows they are only illuminating the tile they are occupying.  The cursor tool tips verify this.  If I hover the mouse over the lights, tool tips shows 1000 LUX for floor lamp and 1800 LUX for ceiling lamps.  However, one tile away from the lamps and lights shows 0 LUX.  What am I missing?

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A screenshot of your build always helps, providing the light overlay will also be appreciated. This one sounds rather odd, however... Could you also list any mods that have to do with lights?

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