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Disconnected - You have lost connection to the server

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Recently, my server has been disconnecting multiple times in a row, especially when we are fighting the Dragonfly or when I click on Maxwell's hat. It's not an issue with my internet connection because I use a wired connection, and my internet never drops, only the game disconnects.

I typically use around 10 mods (all up to date), and I had never encountered this problem before. Now it consistently happens that the server disconnects several times in a row.

I really love this game, and I play it with my boyfriend and sister-in-law. We're very frustrated with this, so I kindly ask, what can I do to solve this issue? Is it a game bug that can be fixed?

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Could you upload your game log under "documents/klei/donotstarvetogether/"? You should be able to find a file called client_log.txt

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On 6/6/2023 at 6:47 AM, _zwb said:

Could you upload your game log under "documents/klei/donotstarvetogether/"? You should be able to find a file called client_log.txt

I found the file, but I'm not sure if I understood correctly. Did you ask me to upload it here? Anyway, I will upload the "client_log.txt":


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On 6/6/2023 at 10:30 AM, Captain_Rage said:

Isso também acontece ao jogar em um mundo diferente ou ao entrar nos jogos de outros jogadores? Você ainda pode tentar reiniciar todos os equipamentos de rede, e de preferência desabilitando todos os mods.

Yes, it also happens in other worlds created by my boyfriend. All the worlds he creates eventually become disconnected. The worlds I create experience slow performance and freezing.

How can I do what you mentioned without removing the mods?

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Judging by your client_log.txt your problem has to do with one (or more) of the mods you are using:

[00:01:42]: [Workshop] ItemQuery got this many results: 1, matching: 51
[00:01:42]: [Workshop] ModQuery got 1 results
[00:01:42]: [Workshop] ModQuery queued to download IDs: 359649743
[00:01:42]: [Workshop] ItemQuery finished all queries, moving to download phase
[00:01:42]: [Workshop] ItemQuery finished downloading everything
[00:01:45]: ... FilesExistAsyncThread complete
[00:01:47]: [Workshop] CancelDownloads for all pending downloads
[00:01:47]: Collecting garbage...
[00:01:47]: lua_gc took 0.06 seconds
[00:01:47]: ~ShardLuaProxy()
[00:01:47]: ~cEventLeaderboardProxy()
[00:01:47]: ~ItemServerLuaProxy()
[00:01:47]: ~InventoryLuaProxy()
[00:01:47]: ~NetworkLuaProxy()
[00:01:47]: ~SimLuaProxy()
[00:01:47]: [Workshop] CancelDownloads for all pending downloads
[00:01:47]: lua_close took 0.07 seconds
[00:01:48]: [Workshop] CancelDownloads for all pending downloads
[00:01:48]: saved ping_cache
[00:01:48]: [Steam] Auth ticket cancelled
[00:01:48]: CurlRequestManager::ClientThread::Main() complete
[00:01:48]: HttpClient2 discarded 0 callbacks.
[00:01:48]: Shutting down

Namely when updating something (if I understand it correctly).

These threads describe similar issues when searching for the last message in your client log on Google:


One user suggests unsubscribing to all mods, deleting the folders with their settings and cached files and readding them again one by one.

Here is a quote:

drinkmetogrow iconGames.png 29 Jun, 2018 @ 2:16am 
It's a mod related problem, so it's an easy fix! :D

Those are common problems when mods go out of date/are updated and are no longer compatible with other mods your using/become corrupt/etc.

You're going to need to go into your "Don't Starve Together" file/folder and manually delete ALL mods.

*Be sure to turn off auto-subscribe if you have that on so that it doesn't try and reload them back in.

The only way from that point to play the game with mods again is to start with no mods, add one, play for a bit. Add one more, play for a bit... and so on until you come across the one(s) causing the problems.

Sadly this is just something that happens to everyone, at some point, that uses user created mods(in any game).

They are talking about dedicated servers but it still should be relevant.

Ditch the mods, remove all folders related to them, play and see if the random disconnects disappear.

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