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[Suggestion] Some current end-game weapons should have planar damage/defense to make the transition between then and the new end game easier

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Okay, to cut to the point, one of the main problems I have with the planar damage/defense issue if that there's no way to gain equipment that can deal with it before hand. While we do have things like the Dreadstone armor that does slightly help with how planar damage can screw you over, I think there could be a bit more equipment so that the transition between equipment types is a bit more manageable. Part of the idea behind the system, in my mind, is the Klei wants a system like how the Fuelweaver and Celestial Champions get easier after defeating them by using their drops against them. While that system does have it's merits, what seems to be missing is that unlike with those drops, there's no way to counter planar damage/defense before getting those drops, thus forcing you to just deal with it which isn't that fun. While I like the idea behind planar damage/defense as it allows the new end game content to exist without crapping all over previous balance, I think it needs to have a much easier time transitioning between the two.

So how do I propose we "fix" this issue, well there's two ways I thought could work:
A) Make all base enemies to get the planar damage/defense have low amounts of each so that it's negligible. This would work, but I feel that at that point that'd invalidate the mechanic until we got a boss that has planar damage/defense and also doesn't seem to "fix" the problem I'm discussing and instead just sort of kicking it down the road for someone else to deal with later.

B) Give some existing end game weapons planar damage conversion. This idea is the one I want to discuss as I think it could be the easiest way to bridge the gap along with giving some way to prepare for the mechanic before hand.

The two equipments I had in mind are the Thuleicite Club and the Glass Cutter, both weapons that have been largely ignored by the community because of the Dark Sword beyond a few cases like min maxxing tentacle spawns with Wendy or Wes, or preserving weapons against Fuelweaver. Due to their convince, Dark Swords just became the bog standard for many people, so why add some planar damage to the both of these to "spice" them up? A theoretical concept would be to make the club deal 52 normal damage while dealing 16 planar damage, allowing it both to at least be on par with Dark Sword damage that most characters would benefit from, while also providing a decent amount of planar damage to allow it at least get you the initial materials so that you can start making the weapons that do the big boy planar damage numbers. The glass cutter is an interesting case because I feel that due to it's fragility to make, most planar equipment would out damage it, so my idea is to perhaps make it deal almost entirely planar damage, like 10 normal damage and 58 planar damage, allowing for an equip that would deal the objectively most damage to planar damage to mobs with planar defense but would be pretty fragile. While a few more arguments could be made for some other weapons or armors, I feel that making these weapons have some planar damage could make them feel a bit more unique and make the transition from pre-Fuelweaver/Celestial Champion to post more easy as you won't be slogging through the first kill to gain the required materials to start doing actual damage to them.

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