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boulder of normal earthquake in cave!!!

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I tried to play some days in test server,that would be the consequences of the earthquake, base destroyed by boulder. New update of test server was okay to me except this one. so pls remove boulder out of normal earthquake, if you insist on boulder of daily earthquake in cave, at least give us some tips and 30s to run.

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(Welcome to the forums! In case you are not aware, There’s a separate area to discuss beta content. )

In terms of the post, I definitely do worry about the new superquakes dropping boulders. They seem really dangerous, and even if they only drop within 1 tile radius of a player I imagine it’s particularly troubling for large cave bases, especially ones like these. I really hope they get adjusted, especially since as you mentioned the warning time is really small.

(Also dang, 20K days??? That’s pretty impressive!)

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