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The scrapbook needs to bring more information clearer

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Lets take for example the brightshade helmet, the scrapbook offer us the durability and dmg protection, sweet, why it cant tell us that i protected us from storms and its part of a whole equipment gear that gives a certain bonus ?

And this goes on and on and on with so many items, if the logic behind it its that the player should discover all the perks of the item not only by the scrapbook but by their testing, at least offer a hint.

Another aspect is that the scrap book will certainly benefit from a filter systems other than, items, creatures and giants. items and creatures filtered by the biome they spawn in, the times of the year they are around etc etc.

Finally just to day that it will be nice to make the information we alreaddy have a bit more clear, with this i refer that, for example items that can not get wet like nightmarefuel, on its page said, waterproof, not, wetnness stop at 0%.

Other than that the scrapbook is probably one of the best aditions to the game, absolutly bonkers how good and helpfull this will bu, just a bit of tweaking to completly revolutionice the early game for new players.

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I noticed it says Deerclops does 150 damage instead of 75. Of course it is correct because it deals 150 to mobs, but it isn't very clear that deerclops deals 75 to players

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