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Give Toadstool and beequeen a vulnerable state for extra damage and at least a powerful move in return

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Toad is likely least favorite boss of the bunch for being rather bland, a health sponge and barely rewarding. Despite all that it has rather powerful but very slow attacks. Worst part of it is dealing with it's trees which already is a lot when it comes to it's stupidly large.

Bee queen always spams honey and bees at all times, despite her attacks being rather basic she also is kind of a health sponge. While killing her is very rewarding at first she becomes less favorable for melee combat but to being left for cheesing. Also she can kite us and all the attacks from her and her bees stuns grossly.

In comparison a good design of less spammy attacks yet diverse enough move set for how basic Nightmare Werepig and Ancient guardian is - they're probably one of best bosses in the game to feel satisfying on killing. We get to tire them out, they are always deadly and they got their own tricks when something doesn't work. Even cooler that Werepig has combo attacks.

By design the two first bosses mentioned never been all that good now that we see how well fluid and nice is to defeat the two others are so am writing asking for some type of rework for the two to be able to deal with in more fun ways or in a more intuitive manner we could fight them.

My ideas for vulnerable states:

Make bee queen more prone to burning and fire would be her biggest weakness. Bees would panic more around her when she is ablaze so you could deal with her alone. Or buff scalemail to be a more extreme fire spreading to all enemies after being hit, would make perfect armor at least to smoke away the bees and a reason to kill dragonfly for it. Or even burning away her honey production while at it. (scariest thing probably would be losing all drops from fire)

For Toadstool make so that after chopping, burning or smashing down all it's trees it would turn more soft and prone to damage and it's armor would go to negatives.

For new moves: I dunno, ain't smart for that. That's for ya to make up.

Why I ask?: They are a drag to fight and only thing in mind when fighting is quickly get rid of them so we could forget and move on to something else. The boss fight designs are very old and really could use some updating which could also give more courage in new players to want to fight and old players to want and enjoy the fights.

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I think combining toadstool's attack and weak point would be best. A roll attack would add more variety to the fight and provide a weak point via the exposed underside when he stops rolling. Additionally, this attack could chop down his trees.

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