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Give more control over your hired creatures

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Said it once and asking once more of some sort of staff or item that could act like a unit command stick. Things like asking to attack, move over and guard somewhere, go somewhere or even patrol.

Why I ask? - I want them to sometimes stop attacking and retreat, like hiring a bunch of bunnies to kill Bee Queen or toad and times when it's too dangerous and I'd like to regroup to avoid bombs or danger instead of letting them die like they all blindly were to jump into a blender.

Thus more utility in your hires could be more interesting way to play for any character and even non damage ones for more rewarding and intuitive fights.

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what if they add a mechanic similar to terraria summon whips, where a new semi-ranged weapon can control what followers aggro on (or even as a tail o' three cats buff???)

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