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Important change Curio cabinet needs

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Better skin preview system. We need to be able to see every item skin affects. Let us cycle through to see which items skins affect like we able to with beard skins:image.thumb.png.83b598fdc7cef3312b731a53ab245a4c.png

Same as with beard, allow us to click arrows to see everything: cycling spear skins should show us staffs skins, Cycle top hat skins to see how Prestihatitator looks like, Straw hat to show miner hat ETC. 


But not only this, Allow us to try curio skins on characters. I want to see which top hat is the best for Maxwell before buying it

Also, We should be able to see all wall skins states, not just default one.

TLDR We need to see how every skin looks like with every character in curio cabinet before buying it

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