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Constantly Obsessed Zine Volume 3 is starting submissions soon!

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Hey everyone, I'm here to tell you the Ticket Submissions are starting soon! On the 3rd of June, the google form for joining the Constantly Obsessed Zine vol. 3 will open, and you can start submitting your tickets.

What are tickets?

Tickets are a way for you to show off what you've got before even joining the project; a list of prompts will be published for you to use in a small, low effort creation which will be used in our vetting process. Don't worry though! Your drawing or piece of writing doesn't have to be a masterpiece- we encourage you to not spend too much time on it.
These don't end up in the zine itself, but will be published on this blog (with your permission) to show people who haven't taken part what's cooking while the project is underway!

The prompts for this year will be released a few days before the forms open, so you have time to think what you'll want to make. The submissions will last for two weeks, and end on 18th of June, after which we will take a short moment to review them, then send you invitations to the Discord server.

If you've been on volume 2 of the zine, you skip the ticket process entirely, just let us know on the form, or by reacting to the announcement that will be posted on the server.

For more info visit our Tumblr blog!

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The submissions are now open!
-> Submission LINK! <-

Your Discord invitation will be sent through email after the submissions end on June 17th, 1:00 PM GMT.

And again, here are our prompts!

Ticket prompts for Writers:

Your work shouldn’t exceed 2000 words. In fact, shorter is better!

  1. What antics do the Survivors get up to when they are bored?
  2. The Survivors launch an attack on a raid boss. It goes poorly.
  3. Beefalo taming-related hijinks ensue.
  4. The friendship between two or more Survivors is weakened.
  5. Combat!
  6. Character-specific items cause problems.
  7. An argument breaks out among 2 or more characters.
  8. Coping mechanism of a character.
  9. A post-constant event.
  10. A pre-constant event.

Ticket prompts for Illustrators:

Illustrators can choose either an emoji art ticket prompt, or a colored sketch ticket prompt.

Emoji works should be 218x218 pixels in size. Accepted works will be used on the server (with permission, of course). These are emojis, so simplicity is valued!

Prompts for emoji art tickets are:

  1. A server emoji for somber moments
  2. A server emoji for showing congratulations
  3. A server emoji as a reaction for something really cute
  4. A server emoji for expressing being proud
  5. A server emoji for expressing compassion
  6. A server emoji for expressing disapproval

Colored sketch tickets are limited to 800x800 pixels in size. Please don’t worry too much about making a polished work, you don’t need to take a long time to complete your ticket. Just a rough sketch with some color is fine.

Prompts for colored sketch tickets are:

1. A sudden change in season.

2. A survivor goes about their work.

3. A character seeing something for the first time.

4. A resource in item form re-imagined.

5. A moon-less night in the constant.

6. A scene on/by the ocean.

You can see the tickets drawn last time here, under the “#creator spotlight” tag on our blog: https://constantly-obsessed-dst.tumblr.com/ !

Let us know about any questions you might have!

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