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Mod request - Movement limitation

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14 hours ago, SGT_Imalas said:

use doors with limits on them ?

Thank you.It's a good idea most time.But when some area become dangerous,it's bad.Before the door was built,other duplicant may continually go into the area for something like food,material for building etc. It's boring to keep stoping them or change the going requests before the door was built.It could be worse when the closest material for the door exist in the dangerous area.

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11 hours ago, DolphinWing said:

So why not build a door before digging or exploring so-called dangerous area.

It's not a easy detection to mod developers to detect or plan a non room area.

Yes.Something bad happened because I don't have enough experience.

How about a air door which could be built at once without any duplicant?Seem like that the true contradiction is something unexpected happen suddenly but don't have a way to stop duplicant get hurt efficiently.Will it be easier?

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How is about just block passage with <something> like a door or even tiles "with highest priority", and return back to your problem later when ready? It should not take a lot of time, and you may always move your duplicants back manually

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