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How to regenerate Glommer in DST

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After Glommer dies, it's flower shows up with a green background, like it would spoil, but it never spoils.  Is that right?

I brought the flower to the statue.  This is at least my 4th attempt.  I killed every pig.  I'm picking up the flower and putting it on the ground next to the statue, which I fenced in, but no Glommer.  Was I too late?  There are wings and goop on the ground, but I thought that was from a previous attempt (I've tried at the last 3+ full moons).  I was late for this one because Deerclops.


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A new glommer's flower with a bound Glommer should spawn on the statue on every full moon if the old one is dead (and the flower is spoiling).
I'd assume that either the new glommer got murdered by werepigs already, or you already have another living Glommer somewhere on the map and forgot about it.
Also, yes, it's normal that the flower stays in the spoiling state forever.

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