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Boating Suggestions to make it better.

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Boat Changes:

  • The Mast when open should act as tree providing shade (60 summer insulation) and some rain protection like 35% but shouldn't stack. It can be better for malbatross sail like 120 summer resistance and 50% wetness resistance.
  • New Item Crab King's Hat Vest Set While boat is moving holding the steering should give 20% speed boost and like 3 sanity/min. Hat Gives: 80% dmg resistance(500 HP) + 35% wetness resistance, vest gives 120 summer and winter insulation.(durability restores in sea) 
  • Anchor has 200 uses
  • Mast has 300 uses / 28 days durability and can be repaired.
  • Spotlight like item which gives visibility in one direction for a boat in a 30% arc.

Biome Changes:

  • One of the water-logged biome has reeds, frogs, hanging bee hives and bioluminescence instead of Sea-Striders and fireflies. Bring the bottle lantern! 
  • Other waterlogged biome has a small chance to respawn a beehive instead of a sea strider nest. Which can only be broken by ranged weapons

World Changes:

  • Reduced hunger rate by 25% while in sea.
  • Barnacles have opposite sleep cycle in spring.
  • Great tree trunks drop lot of grass in autumn, which sink in a day.
  • Iceberg forms in north/south of map sea in winter.
  • The idea should be to have different set of challenges than the land. New mechanics, when spending too much time in sea we get scurvy which can be mitigated by eating fruits/vegetables.(not leafy meat/popcorn)
  • Rockjaw drop hound-teeth + rocks.
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Great Ideas! I never thought of them.

I'm excited and wanna build my own version of your ideas to my like:

1. No rain protection. No winter insulation. Just summer insulation.

2. 10% speed boost, instead of 20%.

3. Give deck illuminator a second circle of light when steering wheel is being held. The size of the circle is the same as its current size of normal light. Its position is right outside the boat, edge to edge with the boat, the angle is wherever the steering is pointing at.

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Anchor and Masts with durability? Big No. It's just going to increase the odds of being stranded at sea tenfold. Rockjaws actually dropping more than Fish Meat? Sure. But I'd give them something other than two of the most abundant resources late-game. What about a fin that can be crafted into a structure that reduces the drift of boats when turned on? Or a Shark Gill from Shipwrecked to craft a Dumbrella to not have people fight over who gets an Eyebrella/burn through tons of Hostile Flares?

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