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[Suggestion] Set the path as the entrance to caves biomes

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In caves, almost every biome contains two paths. I think Klei wants these two paths as the entrance and exit of the caves biomes. But in actual game, they are only randomly generated within the terrain, disrupting its integrity.

图片.png.a7c63d3e152a2cd1fd539cd1db801377.png 图片.png.9EC4948B3E0EE094DC868E1874649981.png 图片.png.A35E8522EC45A9489E06D123608CA4AB.png


The bluemush biomes is an exception, and the path is set as the entrance. So if you find a long road in the mud, you can basically determine that it is connected to the Bluemush Forest. In fact, before the archive was updated, it was the same as other biological communities. Perhaps when creating the Moonmush Forest, Clay noticed this and set the path as the entrance.

图片.thumb.png.6d49a2210a51d642c022abdec5cb0085.png 图片.png.e9337c89955ab8db51ad4e30031b5ecb.png

In addition, the issue of ruins biomes is even greater. First, all biomes there have exclusive entrances, and the path is totally redundant. Secondly, the ruins biomes was severely squeezed and formed in a small area.

图片.png.2F084382315E098A9D20E10D1881F2E3.png 图片.png.fcfdf7f8c004403b7b6db09c5a4aee5a.png 图片.png.0B3FBD49C138854A075ee55C24944714.png 图片.png.208BC1392274aded37A25E7F6206DC06.png

                  Military                                         Sacred                                     Labyrinth                                    Residential

For example, the area bearing the formation of the monkey maze in Residential is cut off by the path, and they can't form enough space to form the monkey maze, which makes this feature difficult to appear.

1375026508_3.png.0e84da076cead1e6aa3ae8fac741089d.png image.thumb.png.de8aefc8bc8adba3e2b3ff55a7c848c7.png

On the right is the adjusted Residential biome, which has enough space to generate.

This is the residence in a single player game, and you will find that the Monkey Maze is the main part, while the other part is not many.


The Military is more severely affected by paths. It inserts directly into the maze, appearing very uncoordinated. The complete altar is a separate terrain in the file, and even such a collection adds two paths...I don't think Klei seriously considered it when he remade the caves in 2015.


Klei, please set the path as the entrance, and delete all paths in the ruins biomes to make the separation between biome clearer. I would greatly appreciate it if you could do it.


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As far as the caves generation is concerned it would be nice for some parts of it to be cleaned up a bit, but I will admit, some of the strangeness in its formation can add more to the experience in a decent amount of cases.

But that said, some new set ups for the generation, sort of like how we can have a spider quarry or how we can have large fields of killer bees, would be welcome Id say. New strange dangers could be fun to traverse and solve.

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