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  1. Don't Starve Together 2022-08-10 03-04-20.mp4 When it rains the catcoon returns to the hollow stump even though it is burning.Putting the fire out and then lighting it again won't get the catcoon out of there.Destroying hollow stump can't spawn catcoon.
  2. Don't Starve Together 2022-08-10 02-12-35.mp4 This appears to be a change brought about by the Wickerbottom Character Update.Using the light produced by the Lux Aeterna would make this sound,But isn't it weird that the light in the sinkhole uses the same sound?
  3. These two set pieces may spawn anywhere in the cave,and while it's rare,they don't look like they should be here. It can even be inserted directly into the Labyrinth...
  4. I know this is an old question. . . Hopefully it's not too late to report now. Reign of Giants DLC adds the full moon's effect on the world,The eyes on Pig and Merm Heads glow white, Ghosts will emerge from Grave, Mushrooms will turn into Mushtrees,Flowers will turn into Evil Flowers. But after the DLC content is added to DST,Mushroom and flower changes are gone.Is this intentional?
  5. Don't Starve Together 2022-08-09 01-34-56.mp4 The Shadow Tentacles spawned by the Ancient Guardian will continually attack nearby mobs, and the hidden rock lobster will not move. This forms a loop that doesn't stop even after leaving the loading scope.
  6. "SacredBarracks" and "Barracks" generate exactly the same content.I think it should have used this layouts. It looks more in tune with other sacred layouts. sacred_barracks.lua
  7. 天坑音效反馈.mp4 This pit ambient sound should have been heard when approaching cave cliffs before.Pit_amb_LP.wav(and other short sound effects)Seems to be audible before the wicker update.The second half of the video is DS, and pit sound is preserved.
  8. Don't Starve Together 2022-08-06 02-51-05.mp4 Player stand next to a burning monkey barrel without taking any fire damage, nor can it ignite surrounding combustibles. The monkeys inside also won't run away because of the fire.
  9. 远古祭坛反馈.mp4 Enemies spawn normally when smashing ancient altars.But you spawn it in a forest world it can generate lightning. Someone reported this bug six years ago, but it has not been resolved.
  10. 月岛蜘蛛反馈.mp4 Even if all spiders are killed, it will refresh immediately the next time you dig. until the nest is completely destroyed. But blasting the nest with gunpowder will not spawn any spiders. Underground spider holes are normal.
  11. 不要一起挨饿 2022-07-29 18-46-07.mp4 Shadow miners only count the number of hits in the current stage, and there is no process from large to small. In addition, the mini glaciers and moon glass it excavated are the particle effects of ordinary rocks, rather than their specifics.
  12. 不要一起饿死 2022-07-28 01-29-05.mp4 In older versions, the rabbit in the inventory would also turn white in winter, the same color as the rabbit on the ground.
  13. 新视频.mp4 To make the sound clearer, I replaced it with other cave turf with no ambient sound.The sounds of Mutated Fungal Turf and Ancient Stonework appear strange in the master world.The same is true for the other four Master turfs, which are in cave but sound like they are by the sea.
  14. Just like the title.I remember the sound would be far away in the summer in the old version.But its opposite winter sound tuning is still there. 不要一起饿死 2022-06-06 00-20-09.mp4
  15. 1.The two layouts "barracks" and "altar" can't generate all ruin walls,but other ruins layouts can be fully generated. altar.luabarracks.lua 2.The name of the "SacredBarracks" does not correspond to the file."barracks" should be changed to "sacred_barracks". sacred_barracks.lua 3.The two tasks "Military" and ""MilitaryPits""sometimes don't generate the maze partor are very small。The "Sacred" is sometimes mixed. AddTask("MilitaryPits", { locks={LOCKS.TIER3, LOCKS.RUINS}, keys_given= {KEYS.TIER4, KEYS.RUINS}, room_tags = {"Nightmare"}, entrance_room = "MilitaryEntrance", room_choices = { ["MilitaryMaze"] = 3, ["Barracks"] = 3, }, room_bg = GROUND.TILES, maze_tiles = {rooms = {"pit_room_armoury", "pit_hallway_armoury", "pit_room_armoury_two"}, bosses = {"pit_room_armoury_two"}}, background_room="MilitaryMaze", colour={r=0.6,g=0.6,b=0.0,a=1}, }) AddTask("Military", { locks={LOCKS.TIER3, LOCKS.RUINS}, keys_given= {KEYS.TIER4, KEYS.RUINS}, room_tags = {"Nightmare"}, entrance_room = "MilitaryEntrance", room_choices = { ["MilitaryMaze"] = 4, ["Barracks"] = 1, }, room_bg = GROUND.TILES, maze_tiles = {rooms = {"room_armoury", "hallway_armoury", "room_armoury_two"}, bosses = {"room_armoury_two"}}, background_room="MilitaryMaze", colour={r=0.6,g=0.6,b=0.0,a=1}, })
  16. Moon mushtree is transformed from bluemushtree, as you can see from updatetrailer. But their icons are very different. The blue mushtree still uses the green mushtree icon (just changed the color), which looks a bit strange. I think it should be about the same. The same goes for the red mushroom tree. Can I change the icon to the original one? thanks