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Trying to add a custom biome - Any way to make an existing function ignore certain tasks?

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I'm trying to add a custom biome to the caves, but this particular function screws up the shape of the task:

if prefab == "cave" then
              local nodes = topology_save.root:GetNodes(true)
              for k,node in pairs(nodes) do
                  -- BLAH HACK
                  if node.data ~= nil and 
                      node.data.type ~= nil and 
                      string.find(k, "Room") ~= nil then

                      WorldSim:SetNodeType(k, NODE_TYPE.Room)

If I remove this function from forest_map.lua, my new biome generates in the shape I want it to. Is there any way to tell this function to ignore the task for my biome? For example, the existing function affects everything in the caves, but I want my new tasks/rooms to be excluded.

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