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We need more uses for Moon Glass

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We get so much Moon Glass, it's extremely difficult to actually use them all.

Getting more uses for the Moon Glass would be super nice.

I know Wickerbottom's quote says the following, which might be super cool to expand on!

It appears to be mineral, but may actually be organic in nature.

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It's very underwhelming that Moon Glass is only used in three tools, Astroggles and the Brightsmithy recipe. I don't see it used at the Pottery Wheel very often because Stone and Marble are a better choice, probably due to them being replenishable anywhere, rather than just Hot Springs and a single location in the Caves.

A lot of nice suggestions have been posted about more uses for Moon Glass, such as new types of Walls and Armor that Shadows have trouble going through but are otherwise fragile, or having the Armor scale with your Sanity/Enlightenment, a type of reflective/mirror Turf, decorative pedestals for putting items or carriable Objects on, or even a recipe for Enlightened Crown Shards.

ANYTHING for Moon Glass, PLEASE. I bet it's outranked Rot for the single most lag-inducing item on servers at this point.

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