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Integrate Wardrobe and equippable Belongings into something like the Inspect menu (check image)

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This would allow players to preview all cosmetic combinations and know how they are actually going to look equipped on the characters before we buy/weave them! This is particularly necessary in the case of items like armor skins, whose preview image, unlike hats for example, is turned 45 degrees, so you don't really know how the item will look in the game. In a similar vein, a "Turn/Rotate Character" button is very much needed, so we can see how the cosmetics would look from the back or the sides! 

Since there are 8 total slots, it makes sense that the menu should look something like :
Head - Hat 

Body - Chest

Hands - Held Item

Legs - Feet

Thank you for the awesome game and the Constant updates!


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