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  1. Hey there! I claimed everything but I'm unable to redeem! No matter how many times I click on the reward I want, nothing happens! (I want the tent skin <3 ) Also the big spool thing shows no cost, what's up with that? Thanks for the awesome game, btw! The fact that you keep adding content is just amazing! Can't wait until the coffee and the cacti from shipwrecked are added <3
  2. Still hoping for a fix! Please tell me you didn't abandon it!
  3. Hello! Very interesting mod! I would suggest that the special butterfly drops Butter instead of a Gold Nugget. Depending on the rarity of the appearance of the special butterfly it could just have an increased chance of butter. Cheers!
  4. Hello. So I've managed to create a custom crockpot recipe for butter, and everything works great. The only issue is that when the butter is cooked and ready to be harvested from the crockpot, no image shows. It's just an open, empty crockpot standing there, but I can harvest it normally and get the butter. From my modmain: (cooktime is low so I can test it) local butter = { name = "butter", test = function(cooker, names, tags) return names.butterflywings and names.butterflywings > 3 end, priority = 1, weight = 1, cooktime = .1, } function recipepostinit() AddCookerRecipe("cookpot", butter) end AddGamePostInit(recipepostinit) Could anyone please let me know what should I do for the cooked butter to show up? Thank you for your time!