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the place where my mouse is is the ruins?

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This is an interesting generation, I think that location you're pointing at is the "Ancient Archives", however they appear with the lunar grotto, which is not the case here and that is what makes it interesting.

- It cannot be the ruins because they are close to the muddy biome and the generation pattern doesn't look familiar.

- It doesn't look like the Atrium either.

Anyways I can be wrong and probably im just seeing things where it isn't, and the fact that the image is not in the best quality and was taken by a camera don't help, I suggest you to take a screenshot the next time.

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Ruins is attached to the muddy wilds, you'll know you're getting close when you see lichen pillars. Typically you'll have to walk through a splumonkey village, and you'll know you've reached the entrance of a ruins branch when you find a square area with a big mosaic-looking pillar at each corner! good luck

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