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Implement something like "Don't Starve Alone" mod

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The Don't Starve Alone mod makes it so when you're on the over world the caves server is off and vice-versa of course with this mod you can only play alone, but I can't see why it wouldn't work with multiplayer if you guys implement it and make all clients follow the host to whatever shard they go to which works perfectly if you're playing the game with your friends.

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I’m confused, why do we need this as an official feature? I’m speaking as An Xbox Series S player by the way I also used to play the game on Xbox One. But neither console ever seemed to give me too big of a problem having both a surface and a caves shard at the same time.

And Depending upon which character your playing as: Some characters Excel far better at Caves than others.

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Because when you have a cave-enabled server on because of the way DST handles it both the over world and cave world are active at all times which eats up more system resources and also causes an inherent lag which can't be removed while playing on a cave world.

If you have lag prediction/compensation disabled then this inherent lag in the cave-enabled world becomes a lot more obvious and one of the easiest ways to see it is by repeatedly clicking on an item inside your inventory/container and see how fast it gets picked up then placed back in the inventory/container slot. On caveless worlds it's basically instant but on cave worlds it has some lag.

Movement is also noticeably effected by the inherent lag which your character has a delay before they move unlike a caveless world.

This mod makes it so both servers don't have to be on needlessly which gets rid of that inherent lag making the game feel a lot nicer on a world with caves enabled, unfortunately it is just a mod so it's prone to breaking if the author does not keep it up to date and it doesn't have multiplayer support, but I'm sure if klei added something like this it would be even better.

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