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Why Lunar Rifts should happen after the Mysterious Energy is formed and not after Celestial Champions Defeat

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I would like to note that I understand this event occurs because of the overall lore the game is presenting. I understand that the Lunar Rifts are created by Wagstaff unsuccessfully using the mysterious energy he collected (despite the Moon Quay Portal using the same energy but being found at the beginning of the game, it's quite confusing). However, the place of Lunar Rifts feels impractical in terms of a gameplay perspective, and it would be more appropriate for the rifts to appear after the mysterious energy is formed.

I would like to discuss why the Lunar Rifts don't really feel right as a reward for defeating the Celestial Champion but would feel better as a reward for activating the Moon storms and using the new resources to defeat Celestial Champion:

The Moon storms are quite underwhelming in what they actually bring to the player: If you take the time to assemble the three altars, which usually takes 100s of days for players who don't rush this quest, you are rewarded with a fetch quest... Although you do get infinite full moons (which could be a up/downside however you see it), this part of the Celestial Champion quest shares the same issue as Pearl/Crabking's part of the quest where there is no impactful loot obtained other than achieving the next part of the quest. If the Lunar Rifts were moved to the activation of the mysterious energy than there would be more of an incentive in actually reaching this part of the quest.

The loot feels very awkward to obtain after Celestial Champions Defeat: After obtaining the Enlightened Crown, arguably one of the most powerful items in game, you are awarded with loot that seems less worthwhile than the crown. I understand this loot is from worldly interaction instead of killing a boss, but you need to kill the boss in the first place. This would be like killing the Ancient Fuelweaver to obtain the Dreadstone armor despite just getting bone armor which is extremely powerful. I think this loot should get some buffs, but I believe putting it in a place of progression before Celestial Champion would make more sense in its current state.

With a lack of Nightmare Fuel with the Mysterious Energy enabled, let this provide alternative armor/tools for players to use: With all three altars assembled there are moon storms which will make full moons that spawn gestalts, which increase sanity, and no nightmare creatures occur during these full moons. The same thing happens in the moon storms. This means Nightmare fuel is scarcer which could allow this new material to become more valuable when you are preparing for the Celestial Champion, actually providing you a reason to obtain this resource.

It seems more fitting for the Lunar Rifts to appear after the world is infested with moon energy, then when the moon's energy is contained: Its strange how when the world is crazy and lunar storms and full moons are plaguing the world, the lunar rifts are contained and allowed to stay dormant. However, when everything is cleared up and the energy is taken away then the invasion of Lunar forces starts to begin, this seems weird in terms of world building.


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