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my suggestion for the updated Wilson.

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Firstly, I believe that the concept of a tech tree is not essential, and it would be better to focus on enhancing Wilson's abilities instead. The options for torches and beards are too fragile since experienced players may not need them, and new players who invest in these options early in the game may end up regretting it. The upgrade to alchemy appears to introduce new crafting options, but the problem is that you need a significant supply of basic materials to make this skill useful. Therefore, my opinion remains the same as before.

Having stated my opinion, let me share my suggestions. The tech tree can stay, but the content must be improved. The bonus from torches can also be applied to other similar lighting items, and beards can store items other than just food. In alchemy, gold can be converted into saltpeter, beards can be transformed into pig skin and rabbit fur, spider glands and silk can be converted into other useful items, bone shards can be converted into fossil fragments, and hound teeth can be converted into walrus tusks.

I always thought of Wilson as a scientist, but with this update, I learned that Klei intends to portray him as an alchemist. This may be an easier way to modify the code, as there would be more work involved if he were still portrayed as a scientist. I can understand Klei's decision.

Finally, I do not expect any new technologies to be introduced, as the ham bat will suffice for me for a lifetime.

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I'm too against the idea of the skill tree thingy and making Wilson a true character, with also strong powers and no drawbacks, and more points I have in list (that I adress it in my post).

Good ideas and I like them as niche things to do. Although in general, as balance, fun and design, I prefer much more @ButterStuffed  perspective. He gave an excellent vision of what Wilson could be, instead of this smock jrpg mmo level system.

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