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Combined foods - for food variety

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There were multpile ideas to combine different food types so i decided to try and make a potentially working mechanic out of it. I`m probably overthinking that but in the game enviroment it would be easiest if it was tied to a few new structures and a new room type. So here is how it goes:

New room type - gourmet dining room. New stuff needs to be inside and it gives a great hall buff after meals.

New structures: dining table and meal composing table

The meal composing table is where different food types get mixed together in a meal and served on a plate. It needs to be done prior to the food break. You can select food items that are allowed to be combined. After combining the resulting meal has the average morale value of the ingredients (rounded up) plus a bonus for the amount of them mixed. Reqires equal amounts of each ingredient to compose and adds up to 1200 calories. Leftovers spoil fast.

The mixed meals are eaten on the dining tables that are wider (2 tiles wide) so all visually fits on the table. The table is made out of refined metal. If no mixed meals are available regular food can be eaten at those tables as well.

The goal is to make it more useful to farm multiple different types of food and to introduce a different design of a mess hall that needs more room. It would also incentivise putting dupes on different schedules so someone can prepare the meals before others eat. It would also eliminate scenarios where you got a high and low morale food and never know which one a dupe chooses. When averaged dupes should all be happy. The ultra high morale foods (the frost burger) would be useful outside dupes with increased requirements as a boost to overall food value when served next to meal lice and lettuce.

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Alternately, cafeteria (mess hall + cafeteria line) and banquet hall (great hall + banquet table), where they're just stocked and the duplicants move through a line to grab different food, then go sit down and eat?  It sounds like your composing table has to be used to make Stouffers dinners for dupes to grab later, but why not just make eating take longer?

Of course, then someone will grab Nikola's seat while he's at the salad bar, and he'll get mad and kick the crap out of them and then break the banquet table, and they'll need to spend half a cycle resting and eating hospital food.

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