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Cave hunts! In caves!

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Just a fun thought I thought I'd add, adding some dirt mounds to caves for hunting food. Sometimes it leads to a surprise.


A mutated lunar grotto creature that stamps the ground to attack in between ramming you. Drops 1 Naked Nostrils, 2 Bat Wings, and 5 Meat. A simple hunt.

Spider Splumonkey

The monster variant of the hunt. Pounds the ground sometimes when it isn't punching you to summon a splumonkey from the ground to pester you with poop throwing. Drops 4 Beard Hair, 3 Silk, 6 Monster Meat, and a Giant Banana. This banana restores a lot of hunger and sanity. OH BANANA!


A strange horned snail that moves faster than it looks. It's also electrified. Drops 5 Slurtle Slime, a Volt Goat Horn, and a Galvanized Shell. This shell only gives 70% protection, but the durability is decent and it shocks attackers.

Those are my quick thoughts to add a little variety to the caves. Maybe it'll lead to a cave update or something.

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