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Krampus Sack vs Insulated pack

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23 hours ago, Pig Princess said:

I understand that you persist that your approach is better, but that is subjective. Insulated pack has benefits, and as I said, if those are not good enough for you - well, it's good you are satisfied with other solutions. But it's misleading to say that insulated pack is worthless just because it's worthless for you: essentially in situation when bundle wraps are available insulated pack needs 2 more bundle wraps to match krampus sack utility while having 8 of available slots have preservation effect on literally everything (I already said a lot about ways to benefit from it) and 8 less active inventory slots in general compared to sack (i.e. that are not occupied by bundle wraps or are inside bundle wraps; sorry for small mistake in previous post). Depending on the task one might choose one or the other, and as I said, there are situations, when krampus sack performs generally better than insulated pack, like ruins clearing, but there are also vice versa situations.

I think rain coat and thulecite armor (latter one - on boat specifically for continuous wearing) are good candidates to add to that list. But another reason why people use backpacks is because in a lot of cases there is no point to not use them: in winter or summer thermal stone do the job (with very few exceptions in which other items shine), eyebrella also is abnormally strong item, so for a lot of people there is really not much point to use things like puffy vest/floral shirt/rain coat instead of thermal stone and eyebrella. And even though thermals are technically worse at keeping temperature, heating stations/ice boxes for instant swapping thermal stones compensate for that, as well as the fact that one doesn't have to stand close to heat source all the time for maximum benefit and instead can do other things in proximity while dropping thermal into burning tree/double dwarf star before heating stations become a thing. That is what called imbalance, although I don't think it's critical disbalance at the moment. But that is whole different topic.

If you wait for frog rain to end and let legs to be both on the ground and wet during this whole time, then immediately bundle them - then yes, there is no point in insulated pack. But that is because you don't think how to use it's strength and fail to use it as a result. If you picked frog legs during the battle of frogs and moose you would benefit from insulated pack a lot. If you farm frog legs with beefalo herd you would benefit from insulated pack as well: it's as easy as to ride beefalo and hold action key. Even if you add lazy forager in the mix, you can run around with forager equipped and put frog legs into insulated back periodically, so nothing changes. It would be expensive, inconvenient and not worth it to pull that off with bundle wraps as only mean to reduce spoilage. Also I don't like to eat stale food; why would I do that if I can eat fresh food? Dish is nice for ruins, and there is no need to loose that extra hp and hunger there, especially for Warly.


I'm not sure where does that talk about new player come from (I probably didn't see some messages because of being unattentive - in that case I'm sorry), but I never meant insulated pack as strict alternative to bundle wrap + krampus sack combo and something prior in progress line to that combination. All I did was to address krampus sack scarcity and need to either grind Klaus of use elaborate krampus farm designs and also grind. Since insulated pack is direct upgrade of backpack there really is no reason to not upgrade to insulated pack unless player prefers piggyback or other body slot equipment for it's respective benefits. Besides, this:

is not true at all considering you don't need to kill Bearger, and even if you want to do it treeguards can easily kill it for you, moreover, being limited to 1 fur per year is just false: thick fur can be multiplied with and without ruins gear. Did you ignore what I wrote about thick fur crafting recipe? Anyway, considering you refuse to read and understand to the point of just ignoring arguements, I see no point to continue discussion.

But regardless I hope you have a great day, after all all regulars of forums tend to meet again in seeminly endless cycle, so I see to point to talk in vain and multiply dissatisfaction as the only result.

I dig all the intese discussion here! It is soo cool seeing everyones opinions. it brings a bunch of cool perspectives. Thank you everyone!

20 hours ago, Shosuko said:

You brought up new players, I was just responding to it.

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The thread asked for opinions and I shared mine.  Was this some secret graded test where everyone has to answer insulated pack or the devs abandon the game? lol  I'm genuinely surprised people are putting so much love for this item that does so little, so late.  I'm not sure why you are compelled to convince me otherwise either.  Sure a new player might read my opinion and decide to go my route, and good for them if they do - learning how to tackle bee queen is very advantageous as bundle wraps, jelly beans, and bee queen crown are all super useful items.  I'm not stopping them from reading the plethora of other opinions, and worrying instead about collecting a thick fur second year, and maybe even dumping green gems duplicating it for the shard instead.  I am not policing other people's playstyles.

Why eat food when its stale?  The only reason I eat cordon blue is to get the wetness protection, so why would I care if its yellow or even red first?

I'm fine to keep chatting about this.  I still don't see any reason to recommend this item when there are other better ways to handle spoilage.  I don't care if you agree with me or not, that isn't the point of the thread.  If what you've said already didn't convince me, repeating it certainly wouldn't lol

I love all the perspectives, I wasn't trying to start an argument or anything. I am thankfull to all the opinions! Plus this has kinda helped deside my mian backpack normaly

4 hours ago, b l a n k said:

Insulated Pack, by a mile

Also frustrated this kind of topic have no poll

wait how do you make a pole here?


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In the most cases I start taming beefalo in the first autum and craft a piggybackpack right in the time I also craft the saddle.

The extra slots are so welcome in the early days cuz u need some spelunking to do a okay base and the beef negates speed penaulty

That being said I dont crave for a Krampus Sack that much but it is a good add, if you are not into beefalo shenanigans yeah it is the goal. Just remember we got a lot of ways to manage inventory:

- After killing bee queen, bundling wraps

- If you are not into rushing bosses, you can turn winters feast on and use gift wraps to bundle stuff and save slots as well

- Chester and shadow chester

- Depending on the character, [max/walter]

In general I do use the insulated in my kitchen cuz even using the ice box<>crockpot positioning I always have so much food and the backpack is just more practical in the case u have a bigger kitchen, so


Thats my 5 cents for the discussion .-.


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